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Online food

we provide awareness and visibility to ethnic foods and allow customers to place ordes online  


Home delivery

happy delivers always available pick up food and deliver at the doorstep while customers enjoying confort at home


Culture promotion

We belive each food has a story to tell that's why more than food delivery, we deliver food culture


Exceptional service

we know our customers and we are listening to them always to anticipate thier needs and delivery exceptinal services

A food to eat, a culture to discover

We belive each food has a story to tell that's why more than food delivery, we deliver food culture.


Our vision is to become a first showcase for the promotion of promotion of ethnic cultures, starting with the

A unique digital space where people can learn, discover, sell, buy and have delivered ethnic products anywhere in Canada and the United States. Frist reference in term of etchnic food, be present in the community and accompanying restaurant and store owners restaurants and stores and make a difference in people's lives.

Most ethnic foods


About Our Company

Quick Market |1-h maximum | 1st ethnic food delivery service: it is the delivery of ethnic groceries and food at home. An on-demand B/B & B/C delivery service, which customers can access through their mobile devices or computers. We create an online presence for grocery stores and restaurants, then connect them with customers. We offer a "very fast" home delivery service, guaranteeing a maximum of 1 hour for order processing and delivery. Our team of couriers in the Ottawa-Gatineau region is composed of 15+ people available at all times with their vehicles to serve our valued customers. Quick Market is not only a delivery service but also a space for the promotion of ethnic cultures.
We operate throughout the National Capital Region (Ottawa and Gatineau) as well as in Montreal, Longueuil and Toronto soon. 

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From your local food store to your door in less than 1h

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